Fact: The majority of mobile subscribers worldwide are prepaid.

Prepaid makes the world go wow

Is Prepaid wireless here to stay?

Fact: The majority of mobile subscribers worldwide are prepaid. According to analyst firm Ovum, prepaid today accounts for 75% of total mobile connections in 2010, and will grow to account for 77% by 2015. This is because of regional preferences, low income in certain countries and the desire to enjoy cost control on specific services such as data and content. In fact, analyst firms predict that the ratio of prepaid subscribers in the prepaid/postpaid mix will rise and even countries such as the United States will see an increasing percentage of prepaid activity over the coming years.

Ok. So we’ve established that prepaid is on the rise and that even postpaid strongholds are susceptible to its charms. But this still doesn’t explain why I’m writing this piece.

Because prepaid is changing

A bold statement you say? Just think of your typical prepaid subscriber of a couple of years ago and the same one today. A trip down memory lane would show you that a couple of years ago, prepaid subscribers were limited in the handsets they could acquire and the services they were offered, which were mainly voice and text. There was no way that a prepaid subscriber could use data services on a smart phone.

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