Already-useful smartphones are conquering new territory….

Our future: Empty pockets, except for our phones

By John Sutter, CNN

(CNN) — Here’s a Googley vision for the future:

“We definitely hope one day you can walk out of the house with your phone in your hand — and nothing else,” said Marc Freed-Finnegan, the company’s product manager for Google Wallet. It aims to digitize everything in your pockets in coming years by collapsing all that paper, plastic and metal into one device: the smartphone.

The idea of using the mobile phone as a credit card, driver’s license, transit pass, digital coupon collector, house key, hotel key, corporate ID and more probably sounds pretty sci-fi-futurey. But it’s almost practical when you consider the history of the smartphone.

Since the Apple iPhone debuted in 2007 (it’s considered by most tech analysts to be the first true smartphone, running apps and functioning as a pocket computer), technologists have been cramming ever more functionality into these Swiss Army Knife-like gadgets.

Our phones have replaced many other once-common tools, from GPS devices (remember those?) to handheld gaming consoles, point-and-shoot cameras, calendars, notebooks, newspapers and portable music players.

Now they’re conquering new territory,  Continues

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