The Cell Phone Money Pit

Here’s how to get the best value on your next cell phone purchase, whether it’s a low-end feature phone or a powerful smartphone.   By Jamie Lendino, PC mag

We’ve all been to the movie theater’s concession counter, where a small tub of popcorn costs $5.25, a medium-sized tub costs $5.75, and a large tub costs $6.25. At first glance, the large tub looks like the best value. But really, none of them are good values, because the prices are so inflated to begin with.

Impact to our waistlines aside, U.S. wireless carriers are doing the same thing with cell phones. They’re much sneakier about it, though. Instead of posting the pricing on a great big sign, where anyone can see it and figure the game out relatively quickly, wireless carriers bury it in the fine print—or worse, inside icons preloaded on your phone that you can’t remove.

There’s a reason for this: Carriers want everyone to buy smartphones, with expensive data plans and restrictive data caps.

One of the best plans for smart phones is HERE


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