Prepaid wireless gains momentum

What type of wireless plan would you rather have, Expensive, Good Value, or Free?

As the uncertainty continues with the economy, jobs, and everyone is more attentive to how they spend their hard earned dollars.  A lot of people are moving to pre-paid wireless plans everyday.  Most people want the best value for their dollar, and have figured out that getting a cell phone at a lower price today, basically means they will be stuck paying for that phone for the next two years.

Some people keeping their eyes open have learned how to get the best price on their wireless plan through MVNO companies like Lightyear Wireless.

Lightyear Wireless has many Android phones, and a totally unlimited plan for $59.99 that includes talk, texting, and web surfing, all unlimited, and no data limits with speeds up to 4G.  When most people hear about Lightyear they get a little curious and want to learn more, but honestly, some don’t, and you probably know the type.   They think it’s too good to be true, probably a scam, or there are loop-holes, so they just continue to pay way too much for their wireless services.  Some people keeping an open mind have learned how to get great service and a reasonable price, or even for free, from major carriers like Sprint and Verizon.

To learn more just check out the phones at and to learn more about Lightyear Wireless just go to


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Prepaid wireless players gain momentum
by Roger Cheng

It’s shaping up to be a merry holiday for prepaid wireless service providers MetroPCS and Leap Wireless.

MetroPCS has been successful at drawing in customers with its lower priced family plan promotion, which costs $100 for four lines. Leap, which sells its service under the Cricket Wireless brand, has benefited from its Muve Music service, the article continues

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