Why Prepaid Wireless? Why is it Growing?

Why Prepaid Wireless?

Most people think this is a really interesting topic!  It has become more talked about over the past couple years because the prepaid market has changed, and grown so dramatically.

Everybody knows that U.S. carriers have been binding customers to contracts for years, and then penalizing them for early termination fees in the amount of $200 to $400.  These carriers discount the cost of their cell phones when a customer is willing to commit to a long-term contract.

Interestingly enough, this is a very different story in Europe. Prepaid wireless is much more main stream, and Europeans enjoy the flexibility without the jail sentence.  With our times of economic uncertainty in the U.S. many people are starting to fall in love with prepaid wireless and more consumers are finding themselves converting.

Let’s take a look at the basic reasons why prepaid wireless has drawn so much attention, look at what’s driving this massive market shift, and look into the future possibilities.

People originally were drawn to prepaid wireless because of the following benefits:

  • No credit check is required – People who wanted a postpaid account (contract) but couldn’t qualify could get prepaid.
  • No deposits – People with poor credit would often be required to put down sizeable deposits in order to qualify for a postpaid account.
  • No surprises – Anyone who has had a postpaid account has at one time or another received a large bill due to extra charges that were completely unexpected.
  • Cost control – The monthly budget is set.  There is no way to spend more than expected because you know exactly how much you’re allowed to use.
  • Same Services – You can have most, if not all, of the wireless services on even the basic prepaid plans.
  • Latest Handsets – With increasing competition in prepaid and in the wireless industry in general, handset pricing has come down considerably, and current model handsets and smart phones are available.

Why Prepaid Wireless – Why get a postpaid plan?

Although you’ll sometimes pay more for your handset than you would if you had a postpaid contract, the prices are extremely reasonable. In many cases you can recover your initial investment quickly, most often in just a couple of months.

Consider that for access to the same or similar phones, the same services, most major carrier networks, you won’t have to be tied to a contract, or get those massive surprise bills.

I know what you’re thinking….it’s probably too good to be true.

Yes, there are still some considerations, but generally speaking, in my opinion, prepaid will continue to grow and take over postpaid as the dominant choice.

More and more, prepaid will move away from being perceived as a second class product, to the product of choice for most people, even those with great credit.

I’m just curious; are you sick and tired of your Wireless Contract?

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